Villages of Hope - Africa

Sergio and Nancy Bersaglio, directors of Villages of Hope Africa

Sergio and Nancy Bersaglio, directors of Villages of Hope Africa


Their vision is that all children are loved and cared for

Sergio and Nancy are the directors of Villages of Hope (VOH) - Africa. They are currently providing care to over 4,100 orphaned and vulnerable children in ten African locations. VOH provides care in the following programs: community-based education, health care, nutrition and shelter. Children's homes, for children that are left with no relative or guardian who can provide a home for them, give a safe place to live. Currently, shelter is provided for approximately 450 children.

The core focus of VOH work is discipleship (centered on that each VOH child understands who God is and that they are loved unconditionally by Him) is also part of daily life at each VOH location; at school, in the homes, and around the Village. With a conversational yet interactive approach all the senses and imagination are engaged.

History: The first Village of Hope in Kitwe, Zambia was opened in 1999, as a response to the HIV/Aids pandemic that left many children orphaned and vulnerable.

It is located next to Racecourse, a large shanty compound teeming with children. The site began with free education for children of the nearby community who had no other access to education, and a children’s home to provide care for orphans. This first VOH location grew from one orphan home and a single classroom into a fully functional care facility for children in need in Zambia.

VOH now has 10 villages in five countries across Africa: Burundi, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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